Diary of a Pastoral Fashionista

Diary of a Pastoral Fashionista

Have you heard what Beyonce and Jay Z named their little baby girl?
So in honor of little baby Blue, I wore my favorite blue scarf yesterday.
It was also my return to society post-flu, and I had very little creative fashion energy.

Thanks for all the kind emails, texts, and calls the last 2 days.
I am feeling much, much better.
I have a really sore neck, but I made a Do-It-Yourself heated rice bag.
It's helping a lot.

So here's the blue outfit, in honor of Blue.
This scarf is my very favorite scarf because it is so soft and cozy.
It's from the TranquiliT line, which I adore!


Blue 3

Scarf: TranquiliT
Shirt: The Gap (super clearance; $5)
Pants: Sears
Earrings: Savers

And a silly collage in honor of my intestines and stomach.....

Sick Blue

Have a healthy, happy day!!!

Also - don't forget our WORD OF THE WEEK!
It's Red; email me your pics soon.

Question of the Day:
If you were going to name your pet or child after a color,
which color would you choose?


  1. love that scarf on you! tranquilit is amazing isn't it?!?! :) i sometimes call my cat "black & white" since he is, um, black & white, lol. does that count?? love!!

  2. Melita! My TranquiliT buddy! :) :) :) Thanks for commenting.

  3. These are fabulous self portraits. I think I"d go with Magenta.

  4. love love love the fake throw up pics. Is that weird? :)

  5. Thank you, Ms. L and Anonymous. :) Magenta is a great answer, L!

  6. I would name my pet indigo after independence and call her him/her "Indee" Or maybe it would be indee(d)for indeed we can. How r u? Like your pictures. Read your orchid message. Mine surprised me a while back. Amazing how long the flowers stay. May we meet again. Your Mom's friend, Marcia

  7. :) Thanks for the comment, Marcia! Great to hear from you. :)