Cleaning Nights

Sometimes when I have a free night, I love to clean.

And if that makes me a totally uncool goofball, I am fine with that.
I'm perfectly happy to serve as president of TUGLPC!
(Totally Uncool Goofball Lady Pastors Club)

Monday night: bathroom organizing.
Tuesday night: bedroom closet organizing.

Two great late nights of cleaning fun!

My goal for the bedroom closet organizing was to get it all tidy and compartmentalized. But I didn't want to spend more than $20.

Enter: The Dollar Tree!

They have tons of organizing tools for just $1 each! I got
polka dot containers and awesome black tubs.
I realize the tubs aren't super "classy" but they sure are helpful.
And I found a bunch of medium and large baskets for just $1.

So the lesson is: If you need to do some organizing,
don't feel like you need to spend big bucks.
You can find inexpensive organizing tools at dollar stores, Goodwill,
and garage sales!

Before and After Closet

Before After Dresser

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