Christmas 2011 Recap

Christmas Eve was a joyful time in Stewartville.
We had 3 worship services at Zion on Christmas Eve.
Then Christmas Day began with a 9am worship service.

I was thankful for all the worship time and fellowship time.
And the story of Jesus' birth did take on a whole new dimension for me this year.
I love how that story never gets old;
there's always some new detail or bit of background to discover.

Then, after all the great church time,
I got to have FAMILY TIME throughout the afternoon on Christmas Day!
(And I got to have a great phone chat with my dad on Christmas Eve)

After leading worship on Sunday morning,
I immediately went home to put on my new KITTEN PAJAMAS!

Background information: #1: I have a very silly sense of humor. #2: I am allergic to cats. #3: The kittens on my pajamas are sitting inside of mittens!

For some reason, the fact that I am allergic to cats made me love the idea of cat pajamas more than anything! I love these new pajamas more than any other pajamas ever. I wore them for a few hours on Sunday (until our family nature walk). I fully intend to wear my kitten pajamas as often as possible throughout the winter months. I may even find some way to wear them at church.

Family time was great, and I savored every moment of it!

We ate delicious food prepared by my mom.
We laughed.
We shared.
We took a great hike.
I am so so so very thankful.

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, too.

Post-holiday reminder: This week's Word of the Week is: "Shoes."
Email me your shoe pic right now while you're thinking of it!

Christmas 2011

Very Merry

I thought it would be amazing if I could have an epic photo of me jumping high into the air for the blog. It turns out, I am a TERRIBLE jumper. So here are some photos of me trying to jump. My brother and mother were great sports about this project. Thanks you two!

Nice Try, Emily


  1. Your montage of "jumping" reminds me of my childhood best friend, who, on her Kindergarten report card, got this devastating summary of her gross motor skills:

    "Jennifer does not know how to skip properly."

    Love ya. If you ever need someone to be in the back of an aerobics class, I'm. so. there.

    Glad you had such a great holiday. XOXOX

  2. LOL! :) Love that story! Thank you! I feel comforted.

    Hope you had a great holiday, too. See you soon!