Thankful Thursday


This week I am thankful for....

-My friend Jill
-Jean, Bob, Dale, Bev, Rufus, Audrey, Paul, and Katelynn
-Marion, IL & Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
-The people of southern Illinois
-An opportunity to witness the amazing power of prayer
-A weekly writing opportunity
-Generic potato chips
-Mango orange juice
-A nature hike last Friday
-The confirmation kids
-Seeing my mom regularly
-Josh is about to get back from India
-Excitement for tomorrow's "office" pics for Word of the Week
-The opportunity to be in this adorable, fun, cheesy commercial for the Post-Bulletin
that has been running on the Rochester NBC station


  1. Love the commercial. It's getting heavy rotation.

    My thanks:

    • prayer

    • discovering so many friends willing to pray

    • quiet sunny days

    • my parents

    • talking with my niece and nephew

    • running

    • insight from my kids

    • laughter

    • Mystery Beer Night

  2. I am having thankful Friday!

    --Cookies and coffee at Cricket Meadow Tea Shoppe.
    --Mad Men on Netflix Instant.
    --Looking forward to supper at grandma's house.
    --My dad being discharged from the hospital today!
    --Coming home to a clean kitchen
    --wonderful bishop and colleagues in ministry
    --reading books with my daughter (and by myself, too)