Photo Extravaganza

photo extra

Behind the church where I work, there is a beautiful prairie area.
Below are some fall photos from recent weeks in the prairie....

Jill progresses each day. Thank you for your prayers.
Her family is beside her every step of the way.
Her church family and extended relatives and friends and community continue to lift her up in prayer 24/7. She is surrounded by wonderful nurses all the time.
Each day she grows stronger and her body heals.

I feel infinitely blessed to know Jill and be a part of her giant support network,
and all of you are a part of that network, too.

Thank you for your prayers these last few days. If you ever have a specific Bible passage you'd like me to read to her or a prayer or verse or quote to share, please email and let me know.

It's interesting how the last few days have shifted my whole emotional and psychological and spiritual DNA.

Everything good in life seems all the more beautiful,
and everything inconsequential seems more ridiculous than ever.
Life is so very precious and sacred and unpredictable.
There's too much good to do in the world,
and too many moments to savour to waste a single breath on
worries, anxieties, insecurities, and fears.

Carpe diem, Praise and thanks be to God.

We are all miracles;
may we have the courage to live each day like we really believe that.

Prarie 1

Prarie 2

Prarie 3

Prarie 4


  1. So glad to hear that she is getting better!

  2. I came across this on Hope -
    "Hope is not the closing of your eyes to the difficulty, the risk, or the failure.

    It is a trust that --
    if I fail now--
    I shall not fail forever;
    and if I am hurt,
    I shall be healed.

    It is a trust that
    life is good,
    love is powerful,
    and the future is full of promise."

    I think Jill has an army of prayer warriors igniting hope for her healthy future.

    Thanks for the beautiful pics and the updates!