A podcast and a turkey.....

Do you ever listen to the podcast "To the Best of our Knowledge"?

You should listen to this episode: "Upcycling"! It's fascinating.

Have you heard of The Story of Stuff? I guess 15 million people have watched this video already and it has been out for a few years, but I'd never heard of it until I listened to Annie speak on the aforementioned podcast.

After listening to the podcast and then watching the video, I actually prefer the podcast. Her part of the show is at the beginning -maybe about 15 minutes or so. Very informative without being overly political.

Did you know a lot of our recycleable materials actually just get shipped to other 2/3rds world countries? And then they have to put the materials in landfills there? WEIRD! How did I not know that? Sometimes I am just so ignorant.

I am curious to read this book. I feel like I really need to be more responsible in my consumption!

Now - to a totally new topic, I have a strange obsession with blow-up yard art.

My mom and I discovered this amazing turkey outside the main office of her new condo complex....precious.

Gobble Gobble

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