Music Monday

Music Monday

Song to listen to when you need to rock out in your car and think positive thoughts on the drive back from hospital visits: 123 Forever by Apparet Organ Quartet

Song to listen to when you feel like being overly contemplative: Evelyn by Goldmund

Song to listen to when you feel like pretending your life is a movie and you need a background track: Your Hand in Mine by Explosions in the Sky

Song to listen to in order to help you realize how great the band Bibio is: Ambivalence Avenue by Bibio

I still love Bon Iver: Skinny Love by Bon Iver

I like Birdy's cover version, too: Skinny Love by Birdy

I also still love John Mayer, too. Here's an older Mayer song (circa 2004). Tracing

(This is such a brilliant lyric from the song; and so very true: "And if you want to know the moment I knew that I was still alone, I found I never learned number, I only stored it in my phone. You'd think by know I'd know the shape of calling home.")

Have I ever recommended "
In Your Atmosphere"? It's great, too.
And so is
Stop This Train!

Pretend Private message to my favorite singer, John Mayer:

Oh John. Could you please just find a way
to come visit Rochester for some kind of inconsequential medical appointment?
And then we'll meet in a hallway at the clinic. And you'll say: "Could I take you to the Canadian Honker restaurant?"

I'll say: "John, what a lovely idea."

And then you will say: "Emily, let's get married."

And I'll say: "Of course! I've been waiting for us to meet for 10 years!"

And we will live happily ever after. :)

Here's a real "Record of the Week" from my growing album collection....


  1. I have a live show on CD where John explains "Tracing". Such a great song... Here's what he says:
    "Here's a song about when you swear to God you like somebody, you are sure you did
    And they go 'are you uh... are you attracted to me'
    And you go 'yeah... totally, yeah, absolutely'
    And your brain goes 'Come on... Get attractive, get attractive'
    It cerebrally works perfectly, but there's no like draw.
    You're like... No, Give me a second, I just need a second... 'Absolutely'
    When is this going to kick in? Cause this feels like it's never going to kick in.

    When is this sex going to turn into love?
    You think one runs right into the other, it really doesn't.

    It's called Tracing..."

    Great song. That and "Man on the Side" have to be my 2 favorite unreleased songs of his. Thanks for the morning stroll down John Mayer lane. Have a good day!

  2. Hi Eric! I'd never heard that explanation of Tracing. Thank you. I love that song. :) And Man on the Side is really good, too.