Wisdom on Wednesday


I believe the Holy Spirit speaks through people all the time! Constantly! Lately, I've been noticing God's voice more than ever.

Often, it seems that God speaks at surprising moments through unexpected voices.

I'm going to start writing a little note to myself whenever I hear someone say something wise. And then, once a week, I'll share some highlights with you.

The eternal wisdom of our Creator is something we can tap into at any moment.

Today I just have one story to share....this week's wisdom comes from an amazing person who currently resides in a care center facility and has dementia. We were chatting about life and community. Then we shared communion. Then my friend noticed some of the staff members of the facility in another part of the building. Suddenly, the very wise person said:

"We can't hoard God's love all to ourselves. We have to share it. We have to share it with everyone."



PS: Have you taken a "green" photo yet for Word of the Week?

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