Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

My gratitude list for this week:

-Beautiful moments at the Care Center
-Great confirmation class
-Flowers from the farmer's market
-Kale from the farmerk's market
-Anticipating trips to the farmer's market
-Excitement about a bunch of great "green" pictures for tomorrow
(email yours today)
-Nature moments at Quarry Hill
-Nature moments in my backyard
-Fantastic additions to my record collection
-Strawberries and bananas at a home visit

What's included on your list this week?


  1. • a lazy day

    • grilled cheese, sometimes with ketchup

    • the changing scenes at Silver Lake

    • bus stop talks with daughter Martha

    • my kids reminding me it's "Thankful Thursday" and wondering where we're going to share it for dinner

    • running

    • prayer

    • gathering a meal at farmers market

    • anticipating a gathering of old friends this weekend

    • good stories

    • snow in Colorado, not here

  2. -new music albums
    -date nights
    -my hiking boots
    -discovering a book series with many books already out so you can just gorge yourself
    -granola yogurt

  3. - Today
    - Family and friends
    - Faith

    And some less serious things:

    - BBQ
    - Fishing
    - ebooks on my phone
    - Forgotten music by the band Sugar

  4. - Sunrises
    - Sunsets
    - Walks on the nature trail
    - India
    - Sark
    - New old name
    - Bicycle
    - Real mail in the box
    - Real phone calls