Music Monday: Old School, New School

Music Monday

My new favorite band is Neon Indian.
I know. I know.
I have a new favorite band every week.
But there's so much great music out there!

Plus, now I have my record player and about 180 records (my collection has expanded quickly).
So not only do I want to keep up on new bands, I also feel a personal responsibility to catch up on all the musical greats of the past (like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and John Denver). I have their records, and I'm loving them!

If you're interested in Neon Indian, here are some songs I dig....

Polish Girl

Psychic Chasms

Terminally Chill (remix)

If you want to understand why Patsy Cline is amazing, check out....

She's Got You


You Made Me Love You

Have you listened to Santa Fe by Beirut yet?

How about Beyonce's newest? It's not my favorite, but it's growing on me.
Plus, I just love Ms. B.

I learned about Asa this week. She's great.

Atmosphere is a local(ish) hip hop group.
Their video for The Last to Say is pretty provocative.
It's about domestic violence.

Listen to Johnny Cash. I regret waiting so long.


  1. Did you know that my first concert ever was John Denver? And that I learned to yodel from listening to so much John Denver as a kid? Yep.

    "Santa Fe" is an awesome song for autumn. And Atmosphere are incredible; they used to perform at Gustavus when I was there. The Current also introduced me to Brother Ali and Dessa, who I think is a total genius.

  2. Glad you are taking in some Cash. He is a brilliant man who shall be missed. BTW I am really digging Neon Indian!

  3. Thanks for the comments, you two!

    Sarah - you have excellent music recommendations! So fun to know you are a Mr. Denver fan.

    Trev - YES. Neon Indian is great stuff.

  4. Josh Garrels is an artist that I highly recommend. Josh is giving away his recently released album for FREE.


  5. BTW, God loves you even though you like John Denver's music. :)