Dream World, here I come!

I haven't had a Diet Mountain Dew (DMD) for 5 days!

I don't have a master plan to give it up indefinitely, but I do have a goal of cutting it out for at least a few weeks. I was drinking about 6 cans a day! Not healthy.

I long for balance, and no one can make it happen but me. One month from now, I feel confident that I will feel like a healthier person and a healthier, more-balanced church leader.

I'm also trying to be a lot more intentional about cutting out processed carbs.

My overall goal with these changes is to be my healthiest self: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I created this goal after I realized last week that I had subsisted for at least 3 days only on leftover chocolate pie and Diet Mountain Dew.

I also created this goal after I found out I get to film a commercial in the coming days.

I now hope that the general trajectory for my life will follow this pattern: nerdy college girl with a guitar, nerdy seminary student, nerdy pastor, nerdy newspaper columnist, nerdy commercial appearance, meet John Mayer, guest host for Saturday Night Life, marry John Mayer, write a book, sit by the ocean and visit elderly friends.

Anything is possible, right?



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