Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista: Halloween

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Once upon a time I was a young seminarian in the beautiful city of Chicago.
I planned to attend the seminary (pastor school) Halloween party.

Lutheran seminary Halloween parties are a unique affair....just imagine it. A bunch of future pastors. Halloween. It's bound to be silly. Generally these parties involved people dressed up in costumes that related somehow to Martin Luther or people from the Bible.

During my senior year, I was taking a class on the wacky biblical book of Revelation.
So OF COURSE, I made the obvious Halloween costume choice. I decided to go to the party dressed as the Harlot of Babylon from Revelation 17 (she isn't that well-known, but she is QUITE an awful gal!).

The costume was a big success.

After purchasing the dress (yes, it was a dress, not a shirt), I thought, "I'm sure I'll find some future use for this." Several years passed by.....

But earlier this week, I thought of a use! I wore it with a jacket and jeans and I think it pretty much worked. I cannot foresee wearing it as a dress anytime soon. But it makes for a fine shirt!

So the lesson is this: never give up on that ol' seminary Halloween party costume. You may be surprised at just how easily you can reintroduce it into your wardrobe.

The real lesson: Be yourself. Laugh a lot. Wear clothes that make you happy!

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Jeans: Old Navy Blazer: Kohls
Halloween Costume: BCBG Outlet Shoes:
O & B Shoes in Rochester

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