Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Each week, I share some things I am thankful for.
And then YOU comment and share some things you are thankful for.
This week, I am genuinely about to explode with happiness and gratitude.
I hope you've experienced some big doses of "happy heart" too.

I am thankful for....

-A trip to the Heartland Acres museum in Iowa
-A rare and lovely opportunity to sit inside a tire of a giant tractor
-The fantastic beginning of a new year of Club 56 and Confirmation
-Seeing all my 9th grade small group gals (20 of them this year!)
-Feeling inspired
-Supportive friends
-Selling lots of my used books on Amazon
-Seeing an elaborate and awesome train set
-Always running into friends at the post office
-A really happy blood test (90,000 platelets this month!)
-Column writing
-Mom time
-Sermon preparation!
-Pumpkin Soy Latte
-Meeting mom's neighbors
-Imagining my brother and Trevor and the rest of those college pals playing yard games
-Eagerly anticipating everyone's "home" photos for tomorrow (hint hint hint...)

It is now your turn.
Share! What are you thankful for this week?


  1. - My sugar doll sweetie pie daughter.
    - My butter cup baby boy son.

  2. -an awesome preschool
    -a great start to Cade's school career
    -a baby who did just fine in a ver strange situation
    -calm moments (not many of those right now, so I'm really thankful for them!)

  3. -cough drops and night time cold medicine
    -my nieces and nephews
    -the caffeine in Caribou's pumpkin latte, because although it may taste terrible in comparison to Starbucks, it still woke me up on Wednesday!