Sunrise, Sunset

I love sunsets (and sunrises), and their shocking beauty always amazes me.
That's an exaggeration.

Sometimes I am oblivious to sunrises and sunsets.
Not just sometimes.
Most of the time.
But when I DO take notice, I am always inspired.

Here are some sunset pics taken from my backyard last night.

Sunset 1

Sunset 4

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 5

P.S. - Because I am a true T-Pain fan, don't you think I really need THIS!?!?!

How fun would it make Sunday morning sermons? Thanks for the link, Jennifer!


  1. Thanks for getting a little "Fiddler on the Roof" in my head. Really--I will take that over toddler tunes any day.

    And, yes, you do need that T-Pain mic! As the reviewer says, "I can't believe everyone doesn't have one of these." Word.

  2. I will giggle for the rest of the evening picturing you giving sermons with that mic.

  3. Lovely photos! And yeah, you totally need that mic. Just think of all the auto-tuned hymns you could do, too!

  4. Beautiful! I love sunsets! Where do you LIVE, Emily?? On a farm??