Hopes and Dreams and Pretty Things


It's Labor Day weekend.
By this point, you're probably sick of hearing people say, "Wow! I can't believe how fast the summer went by! Is it really September already?"

Wow! I can't believe how fast the summer went by! Is it really September already?

I am shocked. I am a summertime girl. So the thought of fall makes me slightly queasy. However, I have many Minnesota friends who swear the fall and winter months can be fun. So I will try. Each season has its perks, right?

"Hopes and Dreams and Pretty Things" is a new feature that will be making its way into the regular rotation. I was trying to come up with some format for sharing interesting links from around the web related to fashion, recipes, goal-setting, inspiration, and literature.

I'm always interested to hear your recommendations for fun websites, blogs, and online randomness. Email or comment with your suggestions anytime. Are you on Twitter? I'd love to be Twitter pals, too!

Have a lovely Saturday.
Here are some gems from around the web I'm digging this week....

This is Heirloom BLT Pizza. I think it looks delicious. Vegans and vegetarians, there would totally be ways to adapt. I just love the idea of this yummy way to use various varieties of tomatoes. Our church garden is brimming with at least 4 kinds, and they are all amazing.

Mojitos are my favorite relative of the cocktail family.
This recipe for Strawberry Basil Mojitos looks terrific.
And it would be very yummy without the rum, too (for an alcohol-free edition).
I have a lot of raspberries in my fridge, so I'm wondering if those would
work instead of strawberries. Why not, right?

If I had to choose one clothing item to have a crush on this week, I'd choose this amazing coat from Banana Republic's Mad Men collection. Mad Men is my favorite show! Well actually, it's my second favorite show (after Breaking Bad).

Isn't the coat fantastic? Can't you just imagine how cute it would be with a pastor's clerical collar! (I'm only kidding (mostly). Just a little cheesy pastor fashion humor to get your weekend started on the right foot).

The coat is 35% off this weekend. However, I am using all my willpower and I am not purchasing it. You see, my car just received a new engine and various other parts but still isn't working (boo hoo, right?). So with those costs in mind, I'm making no new clothing purchases for at least 60 days. That's my goal. Maybe I can go longer! It's a good exercise in restraint and saving, even if my car hadn't gotten sick. So instead of buying anything new, now and then - I'm just going to post pictures of clothes that would be fun to wear. Someday I will become a great seamstress and then I can make my own Mad Men coats!

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  1. the only great thing about the changing weather ... SWEATER SEASON!!!!