Photo Extravaganza

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Hello! How is your weekend going? I hope it has been beautiful and filled with a lot of laughter.
Spending the last few days with members of my family has once again reminded me that there are few feelings in life more fantastic than laughing really, really hard.

Here are some of my recent photographs.
As always - if you'd like a large-size copy of any of the photos on the blog,
just email me and I'll send it back to you!

Roch 1

Roch 5

Roch 4

Roch 3

Roch 2



Wood Pile

Additionally, I am still regularly listening to THIS beautiful arrangement of a fantastic Bonnie Raitt song. Your thoughts? I just found out Bon Iver is playing in Minneapolis on September 6th, and it's sold out!

I am kicking myself for not being more aware so I could get tickets. It's a Tuesday night show, so I'd be a tired lady pastor on Wednesday at work. Nevertheless, it would be a great show and I'd come back to church with great stories to tell about amazingly talented musicians.

Members of Bon Iver, if you happen to read this, can you hook a girl up with some tickets?

I'll keep dreaming on that one.

You, however, really need to download Bon Iver's first CD or second or both.
Good stuff. Bon Iver has very, very much been the soundtrack of my summer.


  1. I think there are two shows and I thought about jumping on that a couple weeks ago, but then thought hmmm I probably won't be prepared for the first night of confirmation! Someday we will go!

  2. Bon Iver! Is amazing! Someday I am going to put a Bon Iver song in my movie. I have the perfect scene in mind too...