Cookin' It Up: Oatmeal

Cookin it

My true loves are avocados.
I just adore them.
I'd consider marrying them.
But since I live in a place where avocado marriage is not allowed,
I'll stick to eating some guacamole now and then and call it good.

But really, I do love avocados.
Since they are pretty expensive and high in calories, I rarely buy them.

Instead of continuing this avocado love story, I'd like to switch gears and
tell you about my 2nd favorite food: OATMEAL! I love oatmeal and I eat it almost every day.
Here is ONE of my favorite oatmeal recipes.

-Bring water to boil (I use a shallow pan because I think it boils faster)
-Add oatmeal
-Add some coconut
-Add some raisins/cranberries/other dried berry
-After you put the oatmeal in your bowl, add maple syrup
-Then add a scoop of peanut butter

Yes, it is good.
Try it!
I feel like I have already shared this idea at some point.
Well, that is just further proof that you need to try this yummy food!
Get to work. You'll like it.



  1. Love the idea of adding your coconut, etc in the pan. Cooks together then. Will try next time!

  2. Avocado is a food that I don't think I could live without....soooo yummy!