DC: Top 10

Last week, I got to spend Thursday and Friday in our nation's beautiful captial - Washington DC! I had never been there before, and it was fantastic. I feel quite profoundly thankful for my time there. It renewed my spirit and inspired my imagination.

Today, I'm going to recap my "Top 10 Washington D.C. Moments."

1. The moment I arrived in DC and then realized "Wow, I really made it" (especially after all the hilariously inconvenient travel disasters of the morning involving my car breaking down at 4:30am, missing my flight and then being rescued by a friendly tow truck man).


2. Using a map and traveling long distances via foot. I walked at least 20 miles during my adventure, and I loved every step. The trip really empowered me to realize "Yes, I can read maps." And "Yes, I can take public transportation effectively and safely." I probably should already be a map expert by this point in my life, but it's never too late to learn, right?

3. Seeing the White House for the first time.


DC girl

4. Walking the mall and seeing all the monuments. It's truly amazing.



5. Exploring the Museum of Women in the Arts. This museum was off the beaten path, and I adored it! There were many times I was the only one on a particular floor and I'd have all the artwork to myself to explore and embrace!


6. Standing outside of Tranquil Space, a yoga studio. I weekly listen to the podcast of Kimberly Wilson and I buy her clothing line, TranquiliT. It was amazing to be right outside her studio. Someday I will take a class there!


7. The mammal exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History. It was bizarro to see the progression of apes to humans. It was a fascinating and mind-boggling exhibit. I loved it. Also, there was this hilarious activity where I got to get my picture taken, and then the computer used my picture to turn me into an early human.


8. Being evacuated from the Holocaust Museum. Oh my! We were evacuated due to a fire. It was surreal. Most people initially thought it was part of the museum experience, but it wasn't! Everyone remained calm.



9. Visiting the United States flag exhibit at the National Museum of American History. It was so wonderful! I have a renewed appreciation for the flag and our national anthem.

Flag Exibit

10. Eating at Masala Art my last night in DC with two terrific people. I love Indian food. And friends. It was a perfect night.

Great people



  1. You definitely had two full days of adventure. Would you believe we were also evacuated from the Holocaust Museum, but due to a bomb threat? Love the pics.

  2. Washington Monument pic takes on more meaning now after earthquake.