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Do you need some more music for your summer soundtrack to file under the "mellow evening" category? Check out James Vincent McMorrow! I was not familiar with him until July 3 when I heard him being interviewed on The Current. Fantastic stuff. Love it. I think it's in a very similar vein to Bon Iver.

A little background on the photos featured above.....

#1: I'm trying to broaden my awareness of Rochester fun spots; I especially love parks. A friend recently introduced me to a tiny park where I took this photo. If you're local, do you have any "hot spots" in Roch that you love to visit?

#2: I still love close-up nature shots. I just can't get enough of nature! It's so neat!

#3: Did you know that South Sudan has declared independence and is now its own country! There is a fairly large Sudanese population Rochester, and I got to watch as they sang their new country's anthem on Saturday!

#4: Have you listened to any Mates of State yet? My pal, Anna, apparently bought a few CDs today; I can't wait to listen!

#5: I love chips. Do you? What's your favorite topping?

This Week's Word, Quiet

P.S. - Have you sent me a "quiet" picture yet for Word of the Week?
I'd sure love it if you would.
It was SO beautiful to see all the "love" pictures last Friday!

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  1. Emily, here in Chicago my family loves this stuff called "Seven Layer Dip". You can probably buy it at the grocery store, especially during the summer. It's a layer of refried beans, then it's got like, cheese, tomatoes, black olives, and, um, three other things. It's like eating a burrito on a chip! Love it!