New Feature: Story Time

Story Time

Ready for something new?
It's called "Story Time" and it will probably only be fun if
YOU participate. That's right. All of you.
I mean it. You are needed.

For Story Time, I'll first share a photo.
Then I'll write one random sentence to start off our story.
After that YOU have to comment with the next sentence of the story.
And then the next person will read my sentence plus the first comment.
And then write the sentence after that.
Get it? See! It could be fun.

You do not need to be clever or creative or witty or great at writing.
Just type your sentence based on the previous comments.
Let's see how fun or random or beautiful our first story will be!


The first sentence....

If the boat had arrived a moment sooner,
maybe she would've jumped on.


  1. His eyes had the charm of an emerald.

  2. She wished that she had the courage to join him.

  3. This very moment could possibly change her future....forever.

  4. Just then, she felt something warm land on the top of her shoulder; she looked up toward the sky.

  5. She had known it was only a matter of time until they came; a sea of green filled the sky.

  6. How fitting that she had a pot of hot water boiling on her stove...

  7. to boil up some great snacks for the schoolchildren. She knew they would come running at the smell of them.

  8. Although she loved to cook boiled frog for others, she herself could not stand the stench.

    As she boiled the frogs for the schoolchildren, she was reminded again of her true love. He loved everything about her, especially the way she cooked frogs.