Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursdays

June 9, 2011

*Delicious desserts (hello rhubarb crisp!)
*Reunions with treasured friends
*Jelly tea and bubble tea
*Listening to songs on repeat
*Fresh greens
*The Rochester Farmer's Market
*T-pain (his newest song includes the word "Cowabunga"!)
*Amazing mystical moments on road trips
(remind me to tell you this story sometime)
*Laughing really, really hard with other lady pastors
*An upcoming opportunity to live out my lifelong
dream of being a journalist on a weekly basis!! (I'll share more soon!)
*Being in the radius of my favorite rap/hip-hop radio station
*Text messages
*Very nearly turning 28!
(Less than a week - I am a BIG FAN of birthdays)

What are you thankful for this week?
Share an item or two!

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Next Week's Word, Silly

But back to today's focus.....

What are YOU thankful for this week?


  1. - cool morning breezes
    - coffee with friends
    - planning girls weekends
    - options
    - my husband
    - blessings

  2. Thank you! Great list, L. :)

  3. * the great food I've enjoyed this week (Dos Amigos, fresh fish, mushroom salad, CHICKEN NACHOS!! and Caesar salad pizza at Pi)

    * my job (I might whine about it at times, but with so many people out of work, I know I'm lucky)

    * XM radio!

    * my beautiful new grill!

    * my will power (even if it borders on insanity at times).

    * gas prices finally moving in the right direction.

    * honesty.

    * my father (it's that time).

    * the amazing friends who helped me move this week.

    * (in advance) for the cutest pastor on the planet explaining the basic fundamental differences (if any) between Trinity Lutheran and Zion Lutheran.

    * The beach and warm weather (even if it's already left us).

    * all 14 of the friends (of course the few who can't make it too) who will be getting together for our annual guys weekend in two weeks.

  4. * Text messages
    * Watching kids experience the last day of school
    * Laughter

  5. Thank you, Jamin and Mike - for joining the Thursday Fun. :)

    Jamin - is Trinity Lutheran an ELCA congregation? Or Missouri Synod? Or Wisconsin Synod? That is the first piece of important info for sharing any possible differences. Zion is ELCA.

  6. Sorry for the delay, Jamin! If Trinity is ELCA Lutheran - than it's probably very similar to Zion. They just have different first names. Kind of like if there was a family - and one person was named Lois Smith and another person was named Paul Smith.

    The names of churches stem from some part of their history and their founders.