Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista: Belt-astic!

pastoral fashionista 2

My darlings, I think you all know by now - I love belts! Love them.
But it was not love at first sight. I remember talking to a friend in Chicago soon after I'd moved there (cannot believe that was about 6 years ago!). I said, "I've noticed a lot of people wearing belts on the outside of their shirts and clothes. It seems so strange." I was a skeptic!

Over time, belts have become one of my dear, dear loves....in addition to hummus, dessert, Diet Mountain Dew, short meetings, and Snuggies.

Are you new to the fine art of belt-wearing? Below are some great tutorials. Guys, there is even one for you!

Enjoy. Make today a beltastic Wednesday!

Shirt Dress 2



  1. Thanks for the timely post - I was just thinking yesterday about trying to add belts to my look!

  2. :) :) :) Yippee! Belts are the best!