New Feature: Quoted


Quotes. Don't you just love quotes? Words and phrases and sentences put together in meaningful, influential ways. Do you ever long to be "quote-worthy" someday? I sure do! In the meantime, I love to read quotes. And I am so thankful to you lovely friends that email me great quotes on a regular basis. KEEP IT UP! It is such a day-brightener to receive them in my inbox.

I enjoy quotes so very much that now and then - I'd like to share them with you, too, in a new blog feature called "Quoted" (original, huh?).

My pal, Joanna, sent me the following quote the other day. It's a few lines long. Read it slowly and savor it like a delicious cup of coffee (or piece of pie, or swim in a hot tub, or conversation with a dear friend). It's beautiful.

"The most important questions don't seem to have ready answers. But the questions themselves have a healing power when they are shared. An answer is an invitation to stop thinking about something, to stop wondering. Life has no such stopping places, life is a process whose every event is connected to the moment that just went by. An unanswered question is a fine traveling companion. It sharpens your eye for the road."

Now to a topic unrelated to quotes....

I CHANGED MY OWN HEADLIGHT in my dear car (named Forrest)!
:) :) :) :) :) :)
It was DEFINITELY one of the most joyful moments of my life!
Is that weird? Of course it is. I'm silly. But I really mean it!
It was so truly empowering. I jumped up and down my driveway TWICE after completing the project. The lesson I learned: You CAN do challenging things.
Try it. Go for it. YOU CAN DO IT!
If I can change a headlight, anything is possible
(which just happens to be my favorite verse in the whole Bible - Mark 9:23).

In order to convey the fact that I am actually a giant goofball,
I'm going to share goofy pictures more often.

Elvis 2

True Love


  1. Hooray for your headlight-changing confidence! Hooray for goofiness! Happy Tuesday, friend!

  2. When did Mark, or anyone from his book, change a headlight?

  3. :) :) Thank you for the comments Josh and April.

    Joshua, did you ever read the gospel of Mark? They briefly had cars in biblical times. And there's this one time that Jesus changes Matthew's headlight, and then Matthew says, "Wow! Mark - check this out." And then Mark says, "You're right! Anything is possible!"


  4. Did it mention whether Jesus did a miracle or used His own two hands?