Music Monday

Music Monday

Soundtrack of the Week
Background music for the next 7 days of your life.
2 of them are slightly "old school" - but classic. Enjoy.

Sweet Song: Forever and Always by Shania and Alison
(Did I really just recommend a 5-year-old COUNTRY song?
Really? I know. It's gross. But today, I love it.
I am obviously feeling sappy. I am just swimming in sap.)

Love Me, Love Me Not: Falling in Love by Lisa Loeb
(This is one of my favorite songs. I forgot how much I loved it.
Until I cried myself into a small puddle. This was also one of the first songs
I ever learned to play on the guitar.)

Remember them?: Promises, Promises by Incubus
(Did you go through an Incubus phase about 7 years ago? Me, too.
They have a new single. Strangely, I like it.
Maybe because it reminds me of 7 years ago.)

What's your soundtrack this week?


  1. I am still all about the new Death Cab album, but also of course I am listening to all of Jeremy Messersmith's albums nonstop. I heart him! Also I think you might really like The Streets--you should check out the songs "Dry Your Eyes" and "Fit But You Know It".

  2. Sarah! Thank you! You always have great recommendations. Love love.