Friday in Review

Friday in Review

(I love my polaroid-style camera!
But the only way to get the pictures online is to take a picture of the pictures.
And that makes me feel silly. Oh well!)

Yesterday I had a few grand adventures on my day off!
First, I traveled to Minneapolis. I love that city. I really do. I had a fabulous breakfast with my dear pal, D. Have you ever put your scrambled eggs on top of your toast and added hummus? I never knew it was such a tasty treat. It is!

Then, I journeyed onward to a glorious little town called Litchfield, Minnesota! My wonderful pals M. and M. live there with their little daughter Z. We had a blast. First we had lunch at a terrific establishment called Cricket Meadow. HUGE tea selection = heaven on earth. Then M. and I went to a couple antique shops in town. My, my! So many treasures. I was highly tempted to purchase many items, but settled on two old photographs. One of a cow and one of a lady under a palm tree.

Friday in Review 2


I had to get this photo because it instantly sent me back to THIS moment in Florida in November! I'm sure a million people have taken a similar photo, but it felt so special to find this picture in a big box of photos from the good ol' days! I love it!

Lessons I learned in Litchfield:
-Friends are a treasure.
-Babies are beautiful.
-Butter braids are also beautiful.
-Mean Girls is a very funny movie.
-Road trips are a treat.

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