Singing A New Song: Take 2


There's a great article in the newest issue of Poets & Writers titled, "The Resurrection and the Life" by Kevin Nance about poet Christian Wiman. Wiman is the editor of the publication Poetry.

Wiman was diagnosed with some weird disease in recent years, and he has had all kinds of experimental treatments. Some of the drugs have been successful and some haven't. He was very discouraged for awhile and felt separated from God. Now he's having a new chapter in his life, and he's writing better than he ever did before. It's an inspiring article.

Remember the other day when I was blabbering on and on about how I had a "new song" on my heart and I wasn't upset about my blood problem anymore? And it basically seemed like I'd moved to cloud 9 and was living in some sort of blissful heaven on earth?

Well, that was short lived. I got a bunch of new bruises over the weekend, felt sad & scared, kept a big smile on my face, but was emotionally back to square one.

THEN I read this great quote in the article I was just telling you about. These words were spoken by one of Wiman's friends (talking about Wiman's creative & health challenges),

"Sometimes you realize that things are going on inside you that just need time, and to struggle against that too violently is self-destructive."

Isn't that brilliant? It applies to so many life experiences and situations.

So I guess that's my "new song" for this week. I'm going to attempt to stop struggling so violently against the things over which I have no control (especially my blood & other human beings).


  1. Emily, I just finished a study (and strongly recommend it!) on Jonah by Priscilla Schirer about having your life "interrupted." One of the main takeaway points I found was that God will sometimes take you to a place where you literally cannot do it on your own. (Think: Jonah in the belly of the fish) He intends you to make a choice in the face of your challenge to walk forward with Him as your only strength. This "interruption" in your life has certainly put you in a completely helpless position, one where you cannot go any further without allowing the Lord to have His way with you. And your plates. Of all people, I know you don't need reminding that God is in control here, but maybe hearing it one more time will soothe your bruises (both literally and figuratively) for another little while.
    Take care, and with hugs,

  2. April,

    Thank you for that great & thoughtful comment. Your study sounds very interesting! Jonah is actually my favorite book of the whole Bible; I love it!

    Thanks again; hope you and the boys are having a good week.