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This morning I asked the kids at church the question, "What does God sound like?"
It's intereting - already their images of God are being formed and influenced by so many factors.

They answer:
"Like a man"
"A deep voice"

Also, one little boy said, "Happy."

Then we talked about all the different sounds that WE make: at home, at school, and at church - and how all these sounds are like beautiful music to God.

When we laugh
When we sing
When we play outside
When we pray before we eat
When we use our minds to learn
When we practice piano

The children's sermon was based on the Psalm I mentioned on the blog a few days ago and especiallythe words, "Sing a new song."

It is also such a joy to hear the thoughts and perspectives of children.
Truly. They always get me thinking. Their smiles and laughter and questions are
a blessing to all.

Today, I am ABSOLUTELY praising God for the gift of kids.
And the elderly, too.
I sure do love the elderly.

So now I ask you the same question I asked them
(and I like mentioned to the children, there are a billion right answers).

What does God sound like?

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