Surprise, it's Tuesday. And other updates.

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Surprise, it's Tuesday! I mistakenly thought it was Monday about 35 times today. How about you?

How was your Labor Day? Did you labor? Did you relax? Go for a walk? I hope that whether you were working or not working, it was an enjoyable Monday.

Are you ready to morph into "fall mode"? The weather is a little chilly in Minnesota today - it definitely feels like a new season is upon us.

All is well in Emily world. A few personal updates: things at church are zoom, zoom, zooming ahead. The fall is a busy, joyful time at church with all sorts of programming getting started. It's an exciting and hope-filled time. The days and the nights are very full, that is for certain. I'm about 13 months into my first call, and I'm very thankful for each new day and the adventures it brings. And truly, each day does bring all kinds of unpredictable, Spirit-filled adventures.

I had a blood test this morning, an appointment with my hematologist, and I was immunized against a handful of diseases. Hopefully I won't need the ol' spleen out, but if I do, I'm now prepared. The good news is that on Friday my platelets were at 24,000 and today - 39,000! So cool! I think my platelets just need to be ignored - they seem to respond well to that approach, so I'm going to keep ignoring them. I basically ignored them all weekend - and poof! It worked!

My visit with the doctor today was very positive. He said: "Well, maybe the prayers are working." I said with a smile: "Yes indeed." And then he said: "Well they definitely don't hurt."

If my platelets are the same or higher at my Friday 6:30am blood test, guess what? I'll get to start tapering off the steroids! This is the first time my doctor has advocated tapering. In the past when I would lower my steroid dose, it was always a personal choice. I've been at my current dose for 3 weeks and have been anxious to get off of them completely, but I've been obeying doctor's orders for fear of having an emergency if I tapered off too soon. So hopefully the platelets will stick around and grow, grow, grow this week. And then, starting Saturday, I can start the tapering plan. If all goes well, I could be off of them completely in a few months & I'll still have a spleen. Yippee!

Are you ready for a word of the day? How about: "laconic." Here's the Merriam-Webster summary. What a word! Words are so fabulous.


  1. Yay for platelets! Sending positive thoughts for them to keep growing!

  2. So glad you were able to not think about the platelets too much this past weekend. A welcome little break for your mind, I'm sure.
    ps: When you're rounding the corners of your pictures in picnik, choose "transparent corners" and you'll get rid of that white around the corners. Tip for the day! :)

  3. Thanks ladies!

    And thanks for the tip, April. I always click on "transparent corners" but it doesnt seem to work! I'll keep trying.