Something Else is Ahead

This afternoon I stopped over at a really fantastic gift shop in town.
The shop is set up in an old, huge house - every room has a different theme. The shop is going out of business, and everything is now half off. I couldn't resist popping in.

As I was checking out, I talked with the shop's owner.

"How are you doing with everything? This is a big life transition," I said.

She paused, looked up from wrapping up my candle in paper tissue, and smiled. "I'm really doing okay. I really am. I just have this feeling that something else is ahead. I don't know what it is. But it's going to be okay."

We talked a bit longer, and a genuine peace exuded from her.

Life is sure unique, isn it? Sometimes it takes us along twists and turns that move so quickly we almost upchuck. Sometimes the pace is smooth and slow. Regardless of the track it takes, life keeps on moving. And something else is always ahead.

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