Post Birthday Happy Girl

Some church members brought these lovely flowers in for my office today. So sweet.
My 27th birthday was utterly delightful: church time, family phone chats, quality friend time, laughter, good food, sunshine, bliss. Thanks for the emails, phone calls, and Facebook & Twitter messages. It is such a blessing to feel all that love and encouragement! I think this is most likely going to be the best year ever.

I came across this lovely poem today:
In Bethlehem
a baby’s cry
shatters barriers.

Women, men of every
creed, culture, race gaze across
the rubbled walls

in wonder,
finding every face
luminous with godliness!

—Irene Zimmerman

Don't you love it? If only we could all find every face and every creature "luminous with godliness"! What a glorious image. May it indeed be so.

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