27 Goals on my 27th Birthday

I spent some time last night (during my attempt to stay up until 12:01am) developing a game plan for the year ahead: goals, dreams, visions, hopes. It is going to be a fantastic year; I feel quite certain!

My motto for the coming year is:
"Embrace - Smile - Stretch"
I want to work on embracing the moment,
smiling regardless of the circumstance,
and stretching out of my comfort zone - physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

My 27 goals are:

1. Continue developing the blog.
2. Read at least 20 books for fun.
3. Practice yoga at least once per week.
4. Work toward a daily meditation practice.
5. Set monthly goals in the areas of personal life and professional life and check-in with those goals at the end of each month.
6. Relax!
7. Continue investing in new Minnesota friendships.
8. Be intentional about maintaining relationships with high school, college, and seminary friends.
9. Be the best daughter I can be.
10. Be the best sister I can be.
11. Live authentically.
12. Expand theologically.
13. Take a weekly photography adventure.
14. Write at least 20 letters on my typewriter.
15. Start keeping a movie journal.
16. Cook at least two healthful, nice meals per week.
17. Work between 40 and 55 hours a week: NO MORE THAN 55!
18. Practice saying "no" and not feel guilty.
19. Explore what it means to have "freedom in Christ."
20. Embrace my body with all its quirks and STOP always wanting it to be different than it is.
21. Complete at least one significant sewing project.
22. Explore yoga teaching programs.
23. Continue developing healthy, strong relationships with co-workers and church members.
24. Have an intentional focus on supporting local food and local businesses.
25. Be "real" - discover my most "real" self and embrace her.
26. Schedule a monthly 2-hour writing date.
27. Plant my roots in generosity & compassion.


  1. Great goals for a great gal--happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Emily! Hope this is your best year so far!

  3. My cousin once attended a week-long course on teaching yoga in Colorado. Let me know if you want details. :)

  4. Those goals sound wonderful! You such an inspiring person, you really are!

  5. Happy Birthday Emily! Hope this is your best year so far!