Summary of a heavenly day.

The special day off has arrived.
So far, all of its hours have been glorious.
A heavenly day off.
I am feeling internal peace and gratitude.
MUCH less chaotic.
First, I stayed up very late last night cleaning.
Then, I slept in this morning. After that,

I watched an episode of "Northern Exposure" that I got through Netflix. Someone told me they thought I'd like it, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm all caught up on episodes of Breaking Bad and Mad Men (my favorites), so now I'll have about a YEAR until their current seasons come out on DVD. Then,

I engaged in one of my VERY favorite life activities. Sun-sitting. I caught up on my magazines. And then took one of my very best girlfriends on a date. Don't you remember, her? She's so classy! We had fun in the sun. And,

then we wrote a love letter to my day off.

With the pastor insurance I have, there's a special program where I can earn "wellness dollars" for making good health choices. Once a month, a lovely lady named Peggy calls and we talk about my fruit and vegetable consumption. Peggy called at 11:50am today. We only have one more chat, and then I won't have any more wellness dollars to earn. I'll miss Peggy. Our chats only last about 5 minutes. This month, I had to confess that I'm mostly eating Grape-nuts, oatmeal, and granola bars. She said, "Do you have any ideas for how to improve that?" I said, "Well Peggy, I think that I could take time to pack a container of fruits and veggies in the morning and have them with me all day." Peggy said, "That's a great idea Emily." I should really do that. Here's my love letter.

I also ate copious amounts of my very favorite snack. Almond crackers and hummus. Yum!

And then I FINALLY completed this assignment, and wrote a short story.

Have a magnificent weekend, beloveds. I adore that you've been commenting more lately; thanks for posting them. Feel free to post comments all the time!

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