Still thinking, and thinking

Hello friends.

Thanks for the haircut feedback. I'm still thinking about what the best hair option might be.

I have an appointment on Saturday. It's a "consultation" and then if I want, I can get a haircut/color after that. Adventure....

It's currently about 10pm, and I'm now starting my DAY OFF! :) :) :) :) :) :)

I'm going to drink a glass of wine while cleaning my house for the rest of the evening.

Some little ants seem to have found their way into my bathroom, so I'll need to remedy that situation.

Also, I haven't vacuumed or scrubbed any floors for quite some time.

I've been thinking this week about sacred encounters. God moments.
Oftentimes, I catch myself thinking about a God moment I had in early February. It was just a stranger smiling - across a room, but it has stuck with me for the last 4 months. Today, as I ate packaged cookies and drank awful coffee with the most amazing 95-year-old lady I've ever met, I felt God's presence right THERE. Her perspectives and insights, her vulnerability and authenticity - it was like chatting with the Holy Spirit. A few days ago, I watched this little worm wiggling around in the dark soil of my garden, and it was like a little glimpse into forever.

It's amazing how God pops up. Here and there and everywhere.

It really gets me thinking.


  1. Hey Em-
    I hope you enjoy your day off.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts so honestly. That's one of the many reasons I keep coming back to your blog.

  2. I love those moments! This morning as I was walking to work and enjoying the bright blue sky, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" came on my iPod and it just made me smile.


  3. hey sweet lady! i can't wait to see what your new hair do looks like :) hope you have a wonderfully relaxing long weekend. hugs!!

  4. Thanks L Squared. :)
    Sarah - have a great weekend!
    Melita, I LOVED your vacation pictures; looks like a fantastic time!

    Love you, ladies!