Vanity of Vanities

This week's "Vanities" are all Mad Men-related. Have you ever seen an episode of this AMC television gem? It's my favorite show, but since I am sans-cable, I have to wait until seasons come out on Netflix.

I just started Season 3 last week. So far, I am primarily obsessed with the fashion of this show. It's so fantastic. Today I wore a black dress and pearls and I curled my hair. One of the quilters at church said: "Emily, you look lovely today. You seem to be right out of 1958." I thought: PERFECT - exactly the look I was after! I should mention that I was in the church kitchen wearing a 1960s vintage apron at the time. :)

My favorite character (fashion-wise) on Mad Men is Betty Draper (actress is January Jones). She has THE MOST AMAZING dresses.

I love all the characters in different ways. It's a unique show. I recommend it. Here's some eye candy:

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  1. ah yes, i love this style! i can definitely see you wearing one of these dresses! hugs!!