Food of the Week: Yogi Tea

This week's "food of the week" is actually a beverage of the week.  I am falling in love with all of the Yogi Teas.  They are truly delightful!  I'm very into the Women's Energy tea.  I look forward to every cup and I have been drinking it throughout the day. 

Give it a whirl!  You can order in bulk on Amazon or find it at your local health food store (and sometimes regular grocery stores have it, too).

What kind of tea are you sipping this week?

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  1. I am trying my hardest to replace at least some of my gazillion daily Diet Cokes with tea. My current favorite is the cheap-o Stash tea (seriously cheap, like $3 at Kroger) in fusion green & white. When I'm feeling fancy I whip out my loose-leaf organic Persian peach white that I got from Great Lakes Tea & Spice in northern Michigan (and can order from www.teaandspice.com). Perhaps I'll have to add some of your suggestions to the mix!