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Movie Review - "Sunshine Cleaning"
Director: Christine Jeffs
Staring: Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, and Alan Arkin

Sunshine Cleaning is quirky. It's a comedy/drama. Amy Adams plays a single mother, Rose, who starts a cleaning business with her younger sister, Norah (played by Emily Blunt),to help raise money to put her young son in private school. Sunshine Cleaning is not any old cleaning business; they specialize in biohazard/crime scene clean-up. Alan Arkin plays the father of Rose and Norah. He's great; just as he is in Little Miss Sunshine.

This is definitely a comedy on the darker side. There are dramatic, highly realistic (even disturbing at times) moments. This film tackles the challenges of life's ups and downs. Suicide, single-parenting, disability, and infidelity are all issues that arise in the course of the movie.

My recommendation: If you like dark dramadies, you'll probably like this movie. Go into it forewarned that it is quite cringe-worthy at moments (due to their vocation). The acting is strong (although sometimes it seems like Amy Adams plays the same character in every movie). Emily Blunt is very convincing in her role as the disturbed, misdirected, searching for purpose, Norah. Life is messy, and that reality shines through in this film. I laughed very hard and cried very hard during its 102 minutes; I like that in a movie. It's simultaneously complex, encouraging, slightly depressing, good-hearted, and authentic.

Star Rating: 7 out of 10

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