Advent in Your Everyday: Day #8

Today's Photo: "More Leaves"

The kids at church today taught me so much during the children's sermon, as they always do. First we reviewed what "Advent" is all about. Then we talked about lighting the second candle on the advent wreath. The traditional name for this candle is the "Bethlehem Candle." I said, "What special event happened in Bethlehem?"

A little gal raised her hand and said quite matter-of-fact, "Jesus got born there."

I said, "Yes! That's exactly right! Bethlehem is a very special town where Jesus was born. God was with Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem, and God is with us in all of our towns, too."

Then we talked about all the different towns we could think of. Their excitement was delightful! I've never seen the kids that excited to share. 25 kids stretching their hands as high as they could to share the name of a town. First they listed off towns in the area: Rochester, Racine, Cannon Falls. Then, they randomly switched to states: Iowa, New Mexico. Then they started listing of countries: Canada, China. It was beautiful. They were so happy and filled with joy.

It was so neat that they naturally went from cities to states to countries. A good image for how far God's love stretches. Bigger and bigger and bigger.

After we prayed I told the kiddos they could head back to their seats. Some of them stuck around up front because they just HAD to share a little more. Their enthusiasm was contagious; they were so happy to think of all the different places where God lives.

May we all be that excited about the breadth and depth of our Creator's love!

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