Advent in Your Everyday: Day #7

Today's Photo: "They Twinkle"

Sometimes it's the little things that reconnect us to the Creator of the universe.

Last night, I caught a strain of a very contagious virus: Crabby-Pants-Itis. I'm not exactly sure what my problem was. But I was just down-in-the dumps. Sometimes starting over in a new place is overwhelming and a twinge lonely (even though I am surrounded by people most of the time).

Anyway, this morning I was totally cured of my crabbiness! And today held a collection of joyful instances that reminded me of how good existence on earth can be.

Advent is a time when we are invited to notice the little things. Take Jesus for instance. He sure started out pretty little. And those wise men went WAY out of their way to appreciate the little something they heard would change the world.

There are lots of amazing "little things"in our midst everyday. Today I'm especially thankful for Diet Cream Soda, girlfriends, phone calls, hospital visits, the elderly, and pineapple upside-down cake flavored yogurt. What are the little things filling up your joy-o-meter these days?

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  1. You are my Advent devotional, lady pastor.

    Some of my little things: Little Miss Zoe, hot crab apple cider, pretzel bark, bright lights on the Christmas tree, Agatha Christie mystery novels.