Sometimes I think to myself, "I love people."

Today's Photo: "Lack of Clarity"

Happy Sunday. Church was quite great today. I became an official "member" at the congregation I am serving along with about 20 other people since it was "New Member Sunday." We also celebrated the Reformation. Lots of smiles and positivity floating around today.

Tonight I got to hang out with a fantastic bunch of 7th-9th graders. Sometimes I think that I am not all that great at or "cut out" for Youth Ministry, but I'm starting to think that everybody can be great at Youth Ministry. The main thing is just to talk to young people, value young people, and include young people in the life of the church.

We had a great time eating hot dogs, chatting, and playing hide-and-seek.

Maybe there are relatively-simple, basic ground rules for all kinds of "Ministry" - maybe we (planners of various church ministry groups) just make it harder than it really is. Maybe we don't need totally different rules for creating ministries focused on 20-somethings, young families, middle-aged individuals, 70-somethings, or children. What if the same basic rules apply to all groups of people?

Rule #1: Talk directly to whatever group of people you want to minister to.
Rule #2: Genuinely value that group of people.
Rule #3: Include that group of people in the life of the church.

I'm feeling like Youth Ministry is not so intimidating after all. Plus, it was great to get to sit down with the parents who helped out.

Sometimes I think to myself, "I love people." Tonight is one of those nights.

Sleep well.

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