Money is so weird.

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The world is a difficult place sometimes. There are many people in the midst of deep financial and emotional hardship in Minnesota. I’m sure the same is true throughout the country and the world.

I daily encounter people in need who stop in at the church for help – people who haven’t had love and acceptance – who didn’t get to go to school – who’ve suffered through abuse and addiction – who are at rock bottom without any vision for a different kind of future. This morning, a lot of people have stopped by.

I did a quick search, and there are many, many Bible verses about helping the poor. I know that just giving someone money is not always the best way to help – sometimes money ends up feeding addictions. Thankfully the church I am serving has a policy to never give people cash and instead pays money directly to a landlord, an electric company, a hotel, a phone company, etc.

Anyway, I am having trouble focusing now. I’m supposed to be writing a newsletter article on the theme of “thankfulness.” What if we’re all approaching money the wrong way? Money is so weird.

This country is really a unique place. We do have so much to be thankful for. But there sure are a lot of people living in some deep despair right now – emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual.

I’m left wondering this morning: Why do I spend so much time fussing about stupid things? Why do I always forget to be thankful? Is our country set up in a way that there will always be people who are living in poverty? Does everyone really get equal rights? What options to people have when they are out of work, mentally ill, and abused?

God, please help.

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