Known and Unknown

Today's Photo #1: "Closed"
(taken yesterday)

Today's Photo #2: "A Flight to Forever" (taken yesterday)

"He was in the world, and the world came into being through him;
yet the world did not know him." - John 1:10

I've been thinking about this verse all week. This verse is haunting me. These words are sticking to my guts and lining my conscience. I'm not even sure why I am so mystified by them. I think I generally understand what the author is trying to convey. People didn't understand Jesus while he was in the world.

My lingering thought this week is that there are those among us today in a similar boat. There are those among us striving for peace, justice, and global equality who the world "does not know." Jesus was highly underestimated and overlooked. There are so many devoted, brilliant, creative minds who are highly underestimated and overlooked today. I'm a big part of the problem - I'm more intrigued by Jon and Kate and Tyra and Dr. Oz than I am about Supreme Court Justices (I still can't name them all) and Peace Corps volunteers.

I doubt there is an easy solution to this issue of the "unknown" among us. Well, maybe there is. If we all made an effort to value and appreciate - to notice and affirm - maybe then the world would slowly but surely come to acknowledge the vast brilliance among us. It starts with a single step, right?

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