30 Days Inspired: Day 14

Day 14: The air is sticky and slightly uncertain today. This afternoon I went on a short walk. I came across a tree that was filled with lovely blooms in pink and white only one week ago. Now, the blooms are starting to disappear leaving small withering balls of plant flesh in their places. For today's 'inspired' activity, I took some photos of this tree as it enters a new stage of its seasonal development. This plant definitely spoke some truths to me today through its branches and leaves. Apparently, there is, indeed, a season for everything. A season to hold on and a season to let go; a season to grow on the outside and a season to grow from within.

And now, because I am in need of a pick-me-up and some non-deep thinking - I am going to engage in a bonus inspired activity today! An individual dance party and a new Itunes hip-hop single! I hope you find some time to get your groove on tonight, too!

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  1. very well put my lady!! i am also glad that our virtual paths have crossed! and i raise a mug of tea to many more paths!! :) have a great week darling!