30 Days Inspired: Day 13

Day 13: Today has been a day filled with pondering and wondering and the kinds of conversations that light my heart aflame. To be honest, the events of today have me feeling a bit overwhelmed by the complexities of life. I do love living and breathing on this strange planet, but every day is just so unpredictably bizarre and fantastic.

This morning, I went to a big "mega-church" in the suburbs of Chicago with a wonderful friend who happens to be Muslim. The name of the church is Willow Creek. My friend and I are planning to attend other churches in the weeks to come to observe and learn. There are so many commonalities between Islam and Christianity! Faith is a curious thing. It was fun to discuss the similarities and differences between our traditions.

At the service today, there was a guest speaker. Her name is Catherine Rohr and she created the "Prison Enterpreneurship Program." What an inspiring lady! And only 31 years old! I felt something moving around in my heart while she spoke. Last semester I took a class on Prison Ministry, and it seems everywhere I turn, the theme just keeps popping up. I think this is not a coincidence, but I am not quite sure how to proceed.

When I got back to the apartment, I headed back out to the 57th Street Art Fair with a delightful seminary friend. There were booths and booths of beautiful photography and all sorts of random art. Very inspiring! It is amazing to witness how people interpret and express their experiences of the world through art. And actually, I think good conversation is a form of art. What do you think? Now I'm headed out to drink tea and watch Nature on PBS with a beloved pal on the northside of the city. I love that show and I love tea!

Today life confuses me, but I am supremely thankful for it. I look forward to the week ahead. I have a happy feeling about it. I hope your weekend was filled with joy and mystery.

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