Oh, Library - How I love thee.

Today has been a tearfully wonderful Thursday. It's the last day of seminary classes, the last day of chapel, and my last day of work at the JKM Library. The JKM has been such a huge part of my Chicago experience, and I am immeasurably thankful for it, especially for the people who have shaped and transformed the way I experience the world.

The majority of my shift today was spent WITHDRAWing books from the library's collection: pulling out their check-out cards and stamping them with black ink. I was delighted to come across the following withdrawn books; I kept their old check-out cards so hopefully someday I can use them for a project: "Living Courageously" by K. Page, "God in You" by K. Eby, and "These Moving Times" by H. Morse. What appropriate titles for today! I especially like the title "These Moving Times." Amen to that. These times are definitely moving - full steam ahead.

It's now time to head off to my last class of seminary: Ministry to the Incarcerated and their Families. I truly cannot believe how quickly these last 4 years have flown by; it is like a dream. I remember moving to Chicago with my twin bed, a dresser, and some books, completely afraid of what life would be like here. What a gift it has been.

Today in chapel Psalm 23 was read in a variety of languages by a variety of people. The verse that was stapled to my heart is this: My cup overflows.

My last class of seminary was terrific this afternoon. I am so so so so so so thankful for it. And right after class ended I had a truly hilarious learning partner session with my Turkish friend Arif. My favorite conversational highlight from today:

Arif: In Turkey, we usually eat two kinds of meat. Beef. And Sheep. Sheep are a kind of animal. See, now I am teaching you!

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