Ordination fun in the sun.

Today my friend Tom got ordained as a pastor of the ELCA. Whoo-hoo. It was really neat to be there. Another wonderful musician friend, Paul, wrote a lovely rendition of Psalm 133 and we sang it right before the service began. It was quite inspiring to be part of the event; it's amazingly beautiful to see so many people come together in celebration of God's presence among us.

Also, it is a sunny day today in Chicago so that made everything all the more cheery.

Have dinner at a tasty restaurant tonight with my cousin. And looking forward to a plethora of random fun tomorrow. There are some moments when I can't imagine leaving Chicago; this is one of those weekends. But there are exciting adventures and new friends to be made around the globe right?

Here's a picture I took this afternoon. I'm calling it: In the Quiet of the Kitchen. Have a lovely evening.

And, one more thing...