Fantastic Friday: 'Check It Out' List

Blog-spiration: One Minute Writer (This site is super great! It's motto is: You have 1,440 minutes a day. Use one of them to write.)

Listen Up: Kate Nash (wonderful lyrics, unique voice, great style, witty, adorable)
Podcast it Please: Poetry Off the Shelf

Take a Look, In a Book: Houses of Healing by Robin Casarjian (We are going through this text for my Ministry to the Incarcerated and Their Families class, and it is really profound. It's being used in prisons around the country. It's helpful for all people to read, because guess what? We all have our fair shares of prisons inside that keep us from recognizing God's presence in our lives.)

Television/Movie Worth Watching: Nature on PBS (Where have I been? This show is seriously amazing! As is almost every show on public television. Everytime I turn on that station it's like discovering a new world.)

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