To laugh.

Tonight the seminary held an open mic night to raise money for the "Senior Class Gift." Each year seminary graduates raise money in order to get something and donate it to the school as a class.

Tonight was such a fun time! I laughed a lot! Such a wide range of talents and a whole bunch of really supportive and encouraging people. I really, really love laughing.

I played a couple of songs, and I'm counting that as my Creative Everyday project. Also, I have now accomplished goal #41 from my list. I have quite a bit of work to do on that list so I better get busy!

Dee Battaglia came in and spoke to the 'Ministry to the Incarcerated and their Families' class today. She has spent 31 years in the Department of Corrections in Illinois. So inspiring. What a woman. I am really liking that class. Here are a few things she said that I am still pondering:

-Forgiveness means that you give up the right to continue seeking revenge.
-When one person cares, it spreads.
-You have to speak up!

-In order to change behavior, you need to change ideas.
-Start small.

Until tomorrow, sleep well!

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