Seeker's Sundays

Hello friends; Happy Sunday.

Today begins a new weekly blog feature: Seeker's Sundays. I've come into contact with so many fantastic people with so many amazing questions related to faith/religion/spirituality over the last few years. Many times, the most intriguing questions come from 1) people that are going through a period of questioning/awakening, 2) those who don't necessarily go to church, and 3) those who don't necessarily identify themselves as particularly religious. Additionally, people who are active members of a worshipping community are often filled with amazing questions but don't have a place to ask them. This blog is a safe space for all people, and I really hope that you are feeling that love and openness!

I am a firm believer that all people are built with an innate desire to ask questions and seek answers. For whatever reasons, many of us mistakenly learn to turn off this intuitive and perceptive voice throughout the course of our lives; but it's time to turn it back on, brothers and sisters! Oftentimes, there are no clear answers, but so much meaning is made in the process of naming and claiming the questions we hold deep within our hearts and minds. We journey together.

It's always a risk to share; I hope you'll take this risk and share a thought you've been pondering this week (even if it means doing so anonymously).

My seeker's question for this week is: From God's perspective, what exactly does the balance between kindness and honesty look like? Feel free to share a question that is on your mind if you would like to.

And my creativity project today is a poem. For those people out there, like me, who struggle to let go of hurts, mistakes, worries, and regrets, here's a little encouragement.

Let It Go

Easy for some, difficult for most.
Caring requires risking and connecting.
Deep breath.
Silence: for all the moments spent with this.
Honor it, release it.
Fresh air surrounds and this is not impossible.

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