trinitarian mass confusion and delight

My internship year is flying by here in southern IL. I have about 7 weeks remaining, and it has been a truly life-changing experience. I learn and grow and change and develop with each day that passes and person I meet.

This Sunday we celebrate 'The Holy Trinity.' The Trinity is certainly interesting and exciting and all those other lovely adjectives, but it's also quite a confusing mystery! I'm hoping for some Holy Spirit inspiration any moment now...

Last night at our midweek service, we looked at some art work through the ages depicting the Trinity. It led to some good conversation and hopefully good inspiration for Sunday.

I found a neat quote about Elizabeth Johnson on the theme: "In the end, the Trinity provides a symbolic picture of shared life at the heart of the universe...as pure relationality, epitomizing the connectedness of all that exists in the universe." I really like the word 'relationality' - I think I'll use it more.

For Christmas I got a great book as a gift. It's entitled, 'Sacred Journeys: A Woman's Book of Daily Prayer' by Jan Richardson. One of the reflection questions for today is: "What kind of space does silence create in your life?"

The question reminded me that I'd like to work on taking some intentional silent reflection time each day. And then, maybe I'll come up with a way to answer that reflection question. Because I'm not sure I have much of an answer at this point.

It's strange to try writing sermons and blogs about silly intern life when so many awful things are happening around the world. Myanmar, China, tornadoes, etc. Such desolation and horror. Hundreds of thousands of people impacted. It seems generic and ridiculous to avoid or ignore it. But how does one remain globally conscious and active, and stay spiritually and faithfully on track?

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