All Saints' Day

"Clouds at Sunset" by James Hamilton Shegogue

Good morning on this All Saints' Day. Here's a resource from First Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, WI that describes what the day is all about: link. English poet Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) has a poem called A Song for the Least of All Saints. I really like it. How about you? 

A Song for the Least of All Saints
by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Love is the key of life and death,
Of hidden heavenly mystery:
Of all Christ is, of all He saith,
Love is the key.

As three times to His Saint He saith,
He saith to me, He saith to thee,
Breathing His Grace-conferring Breath:
“Lovest thou Me?”

Ah, Lord, I have such feeble faith,
Such feeble hope to comfort me:
But love it is, is strong as death,
And I love Thee.

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